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Cufon replacing heading style

16 Sep 2010 - 02:17 pm

Do you like typography? Do you like variety of fonts in your site? Cufon is the answer. Although right now CSS3 have came to replace old styling method and font handling, but for me I still prefer to choose Cufon for some reason.

CSS3 still new. Not all browser suport this technology. Like IE 5, 6 and 7 can't render @font-family. But all of them can support Javascript. Cufon using Javascript replacing and JSON retrieving data to convert common fonts into high quality and alpha blending. Meaning fonts generating almost same like in Photoshop.

Secondly, it doesn't disturb SEO element although fonts have been convert into images. Why? Because bots and spiders can not read Javascript. In condition where Javascript is disable, Cufon will not run and original text will appear.

Third, it's lightweight. Size of 18KB and fast rendering. I'm Parasolx have choose Fertigo free font for converting heading 1 and 2.

Font Size Play Important Roles in Presenting Content

17 Jun 2010 - 02:22 am

Font size definitely play important roles to express and present the whole content. There are many tips and format on how to write a very nice blog or articles. But actually the most important is how you may present it to people.

Currently, concept of Web 2.0 introduce the using of typography, big size font, clean and clear element in a page. I also do a lot of research and try-and-error to get the best way designing my blog. If you familiar with my blog before, you can see a big size of font have been used. Some guideline said that, the best presenting content and it can be catch up by the eyes when read based on this formula:

  1. size or length of column must be within 500px to 700px
  2. in one line, consist about 50 to 80 characters long
  3. and the height of each line between 120% to 160% from the based line.

So, if you used base font size on 12px, then the length of column can be between 600px to 840px. The line height must be between 14px and 19px. With this formula, you can get very nice and catchy content presentation. Below are the comparison that I have done on my blog, especially and also at Kripkorn Studios.

Before editing, the content look so so big and it looks very pack compared after editing font size and line height. Before and after still not too different from my formula calculation. And if you look right now, my blog is much more easy to read, clean and more important, I'm satisfied with this new design.

The 4 Improvement Towards the Design

11 Jun 2010 - 11:33 pm

Everybody changes, times changes and my blog take another one step forward, the interface was change by focusing applying 4 major improvement in designation. Take look at this shot previews.

My Blog Performance - The First Testing

14 May 2010 - 06:57 pm


Drupal rock and why I said like that is because the reason afterwards. Without any hard tuning, activating all the modules that I have list out to build my blog, running the performance testing for the first time.

All the result I summarize in the table below:

Refer to the summary above, my blog taking about 5 second to complete rendering the page. Page started being render at 2.5 second after connection initialize. Time consuming to create the first connection is about 1 second. This because the location and distance between my blog's server located at Putrajaya and New Zealand. My blog size is 18kb (quite small) with 13 HTTP request was done.

That data only refer to first view which is no cache stored in user's computer. My blog boost it speed with caching that take only below than 1 second for all activities that I have mention above. Meaning my site much more faster with cache already stored. But this is not my target. The first view is the key.

Below are the details of activities happen my blog is open:

The graph above show the details activities on my blog on the first view. Kindly enough for the starter blog. And again, below is the details when the cache was already stored.