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My Honda Civic Hybrid

16 May 2010 - 11:40 pm

Below are some pictures that I take about my Honda Civic Hybrid. You can look and comment about that. The newest picture after I have install Mugen + Modulo kits only have one picture here. I will upload more pictures in future.

honda civic hybrid

honda civic hybrid

honda civic hybrid

honda civic hybrid

honda civic hybrid

Kripkorn Studios, First Drupal Community Support In Malay Language

15 May 2010 - 11:17 pm

When I comes with this idea to build up a website that will be use Malay language as the main medium, a lot of critics and "positive" (not the real meaning) feedback I got. Because it can do but to maintain it and expand it as normal site using English as main language is very hard.

Most people comment that maybe it impossible to learn the computer language since it has been write in English term. And it looks so funny when we tried to translate in Malay like joystick = "batang gembira" and so on. What ever people think and said, I have prove it within almost 2 years. Kripkorn Studios is the only one place that people can learn, try and expand their knowledge about web developing and others thing FULLY written in Malay.

By put tagline "Komuniti Drupal dan phpBB Malaysia", we have gain almost 2000+ plus within 2 years officially launched. I'm not buy links, sell my links or doing black market to gain popularity. Most thing was written articles and tutorials in Malay. Provide new entry once per week and just promote through certain-certain forum only. Kripkorn Studios currently fully index by Google. If people access Google in Malaysia, mostly searching result contain keyword about web development in Malay will appear Kripkorn Studios almost at the top.

Certain keyword like "portal, forum", "belajar membuat website", "membuat radio online" are the famous keywords being search by Malaysian's. Much more people comes to KS to request certain tutorial and article in Malay language. Statistic done shows that most article that we serve easy to understand, being reviewed by same user 2 to 5 times. This statistic showed that Malay language can describe, tell, story and provide high information regarding web and internet information as same as English.

Worst to worst, around 3 to 4 month after KS established, our server have been boom by some people that tried to make the copy of our site by using software like Webcopier. That cause our load server shoot up to maximum suddenly.

Today, we still stand as full web development learning center that provide Malay language as the main medium. Although we have been laugh at the first came with this brilliant idea, but you can evaluate how KS been as today.

Good bye Mr. V2

15 May 2010 - 08:28 am

On November 2008, Kripkorn Studios has been built with transparent concept for its template. Sorry to say that I did not save that template anymore. It was gone because KS have been migrated for about 5 times to find the best webhosting that can support high processing site. At that time, no name for this template was given. After we think about the speed processing, we decide to modified it. Kripkorn.V1 was given as it name, consume longer time to render and view the complete page. We put a lot of element that currently not use by user such as color selection for theme, flash for menu and a lot of PNG transparent image. Besides, it also hard to blend matching color for other element since there is about 6 colors selection that can be choose.

So, I start again from bottom. Including and excluding all element that USER did not fully used. Users is key for traffic but we need to boost rendering our template at the same time. On March 2009, I have came out with demo of new design layout for KS called Kripkorn.V2.

This new template used fluidity concept. Meaning that whatever resolution screen size, it will fit in. Blue color have been selected as the main color and we add on with red. Also our logo got re-branding and renew. Like before, we still doesn't have truly identity to represent KS after presenting this new logo.

I designed V2 in 2 columns; "left" and "content". Meanwhile the "right" column only appeared when articles or tutorials were viewed. In this column it only viewed evaluation module. V2 have its own identity which we introduced a-like "Facebook taskbar" element. This taskbar served functions that mostly being used by user either at portal or forum. I also considered about speed. V2 did not use a lot of graphic. Most of the design was based on CSS theming. Loading speed take about 9 second from USA and 6 second from New Zealand. It was quite long but KS targeted Malaysia's community. Tested at current place server, it only taken about 3-4 second to load.


Introducing V3, Good bye V2

I like V2 and also V1. Both templates have strong ability and unique design they selves. But still not enough. V1 presented future and latest designed while V2 focus on speed loading. V1 take longer time to load, which was the main reason we upgraded to V2. V2 provide fast speed loading but it lost on design concept. Actually, after upgrading to V2, we quite lost in traffic number because the simple design was TOO simple and quite "boring" for some users.

Many users complaint that this new template was not excite. They still prefer V1 which have flash menu and a lot of cosmetic functions. This was hard for me. Designation, user experienced, user needed and speed were the element that need to be implemented in one layout. It was not easy. It was not like just designed it, fitted it, coded it and run it. It need to be test, get feedback and how much it full all the requirement needed.

From that, I listed out what have been lost and not in V2:

  • designation too simple and bored
  • fluidity. its hard to locate and place any element such as block and div
  • strecthing the size make a lot of element displace from position
  • not really Web 2.0 design
  • still not too fast
  • navigation tutorial not clear -- most people confius and blur

Considering a lot of reasons and factors, then I introduce the latest and most stable template for Kripkorn Studios, Kripkorn.V3:

Kripkorn.V3 officially launch on November 2009, which is 8 months after V2 came out. First time V3 launch with version 3.0, I get a lot positive feedback from community. They like it. With the combination of 4 colors; blue, red, green, grey; V3 archieve the balance in color tone, more harmonies. Some negative feedback, the color quite little striking, but for me, I follow majority. This V3 is complete and solve a lot of problem.

First about the navigation tutorial. New user much more easy to access all article. The navigation workflow is clean and clear. Fluidity still there but I put "fixed" size in fluidity. When its need to stretch, V3 no problem. It will follow by expand its size. All elements still at its position. The taskbar upgrading too new design with more catchy.

Shadows.. I like to play with it. It make V3 as the Web 2.0 design concept. Because I came back on using a lot of graphic, it takes speed as exchange. V3 load too long. 24 second tested from US server. So, we need to tune this template. Compress everything that can be done such as graphic, CSS and javascript. Used CSS Sprite to reduce HTTP request. Put long cache for image, CSS and JS files.

The latest version release, Kripkorn.V3.5. With 8 second loading but it still like the original (v3.0), I would announce that KS template is the unique design with high load speed performance ever I have make.

My Blog Performance - The First Testing

14 May 2010 - 06:57 pm


Drupal rock and why I said like that is because the reason afterwards. Without any hard tuning, activating all the modules that I have list out to build my blog, running the performance testing for the first time.

All the result I summarize in the table below:

Refer to the summary above, my blog taking about 5 second to complete rendering the page. Page started being render at 2.5 second after connection initialize. Time consuming to create the first connection is about 1 second. This because the location and distance between my blog's server located at Putrajaya and New Zealand. My blog size is 18kb (quite small) with 13 HTTP request was done.

That data only refer to first view which is no cache stored in user's computer. My blog boost it speed with caching that take only below than 1 second for all activities that I have mention above. Meaning my site much more faster with cache already stored. But this is not my target. The first view is the key.

Below are the details of activities happen my blog is open:

The graph above show the details activities on my blog on the first view. Kindly enough for the starter blog. And again, below is the details when the cache was already stored.

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009: Engine mechanism

14 May 2010 - 04:05 pm

When people comes to have two or three choices at the same par to buy new car, most of them are first look at engine power followed by price and lastly "It is worth to buy this car?". Comparing Honda Civic Hybrid against Civic 2.0L is probably not fair unless you only thinking about fuel efficiency, then HCH is the winner.

Most probably is comparing against Civic 1.8L which consume less fuel than 2.0L and more cheaper than HCH. But if you still consider of having HCH with price of same to Civic 2.0L but only get 1.3L engine, then keep continue to read this.

The concept

In engine development today, one factor that contribute to fuel saving is the engine capacity. Normal concept, large capacity engine produce more power but consume more fuel. The main idea to lower fuel consuming is by making an engine with small capacity which is 1.3 L engine in HCH.

But small capacity engine produce small power. So the idea concept start to develop here. There is no different between Civic 2.0, 1.8 and Hybrid in car's body size and this will burden the engine to carry such a large weight.

Here the technology was injected. By producing or supplied another source power to help current engine will make it enable to be drive on as normal car. Integrated Motor Assist or IMA is attach with gasoline engine. When both sources were combine together it produce the almost same horse power with 1.8L.


Above is just a simple concept. But there are much features that implement in HCH engines and you should know. In making an engine to be more efficient handling fuel consumption, HCH engine is using i-DSI based structure engine development.

i-DSI based engine structure

i-DSI (intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition System) is a technology of engine designation build up in 4 cylinders with specification of two valves for each cylinders (total 8 valves), two spark plugs for each (total 8 spark plugs) and have dual ignition activity to archieve complete burning of air-fuel mixed.

Although mixed fuel-air is completely burn during ignition phase, there probably can cause engine knocking when drive in high speed mode. So, we need another mechanism that can handle this such problem matter.

i-VTEC shifting mode cam profile

The most advance technology is inject once again. i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control with Intelligent) is attach to HCH engine to make it have multi-mode engine profile.

The normal VTEC engine currently have 2 cam profiles which are "low mode" and "high mode". New i-VTEC engine have 3 cam profiles which are low, mid and high mode. But in HCH, 3 cam profiles stand for low, high and idle mode. In low mode, the ignition phase is contributing from two spark plugs. While in "high mode" only one spark plug is ignite to avoid knocking situation.

Another profiles is idle mode. During deceleration until car stop, in normal car the engine still running. Although it consume a little fuel but there is zero (0) mileage which lower your MPG. HCH have ability to shut down the engine during car stopped and re-activate when it need. To make it possible another technology must be attach.

VCM is coming..

VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) is currently being use in Honda Accord 3.6L. To archieve a very high fuel efficiency, VCM will handle all close and open valves depend on the situation. During acceleration, VCM keep all 8 valves open, activated all 4 cylinders. When the car start to decelerate, VCM closed 6 valves and make it only one cylinder to be activate.

Another three cylinders are in vacuum mode, prevent from losing power through burning fuel, heat loss and friction. During this time also, the kinetic energy (which is supposed to be convert to heat loss and friction) is captured by IMA.

All the kinetic energy then will convert into electrical energy and being handled by Intelligent Power Unit to be stored in NiMH battery. In simple word, it is charging the battery. When the car nearly or closely going stop, VCM will close those 2 valves balance, stop all ignition activity and shut down the engine. Now is idle mode.


By combining all of these features i-DSI, i-VTEC and VCM, Honda called it as 1.3L 3-stage i-VTEC engine integrated with IMA technology. In summary, HCH engine technology have built up with a lots of advance technology while 1.8L engine comprising i-VTEC technology only.