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Question & Answer: Honda Civic Hybrid

07 Jun 2010 - 12:00 am

Overviews from my though:

First comes in mind of people about a car are two only: Price and Engine. Lot of COMPLAINTS keep saying about engine performance and price. So here I give complete explanation to whom more focus on engine.

Honda Civic Hybrid was designed with lot of new technology in its engine. Why? Here you will get with HCH:

  1. 3 cam profiles engine (high mode, low mode and idle mode) while 2.0 and 1.8 Civic only have 2 cam profiles only
  2. i-DSI engine; to increase fuel efficiency which have 8 spark plugs (2 for each cylinder) to get FULL fuel combustion everytime it ignite. If you buy a Ferrari they only used 1 spark plug for each cylinder
  3. VCM, Variable Cylinder Management WHICH you only get in Accord 3.6. It was not Accord 2.0 or 2.4
  4. i-VTEC cam profiles engines, the latest engine technology from Honda
  5. Electrical Power Steering, which only available in Accord 2.4 and 3.6
  6. Intergrated Motor Assist, which only hybrid is having this feature.

So, if you want to compare engine 1.3 against 2.0, please considered of having technology above also. Owner of HCH just not only focus to the engine power but also the technology. There a lot of way to increase your car performance and power, but can somebody list out the way to increase fuel efficiency in the manner with the cost to achieve 40/45mpg compared to HCH.


Q: I am thinking of buying a Hybrid. Initial Malaysian brochure claims fuel consumption up to 31km/litre. However, when I read the US brochures (I believe it is the same Hybrid Civic), it claims 40 MPG (City) and 45 MPG (highway), which when I did some conversion turns out to be about 17 km/lit (city) and 19 km/lit (highway).

Am I wrong with my conversion? If not, then is there some differences between Malaysian hybrid and US hybrid (Civic)?

A: There’s nothing wrong with the conversion and it still the same specification that US used and Malaysia got. What are different is the driving skill. FC that US claim is based on EPA standard testing which is very tough and rough driving skill. In US there using miles/h instead of kilometres/h.

In US the normal speed they usually drove between 80-90 miles/h. That means when you convert to km/h is around 128-144 km/h. That is main reason they calculate 40mpg for city and 45mpg for highway comes out.

In Malaysia, statistic shows average speed for driving at city is around 80-90 and highway around 100-110km/h. I have try driving at 100km/h (RPM 2) give FC up to 22km/L, while driving at 80km/h (RPM 1.5) give 32km/L.


Q: So anything above 80km/h will drastically reduce the fuel efficiency from the nominal (maximal) 31.7km/l. Does that mean the cruising speed of 80km/h is the threshold where the car runs predominantly on electricity, and speeds above that will then require the fuel to “kick in” to provide that extra torque/boost?

A: Well actually, all is based on physics. There are two forces when a car is moving. Acceleration force (AF) and resistant force (RF). AF is produce from engine combustion while RF comes from air resistant, road and weight.

If AF > RF, fuel will use a lot, while AF < RF, car move slower. When AF = RF, fuel will used at optimum usage. To get this optimum threshold, HCH and any cars must run between 80 to 90 km/h depend on car's weight, type of tires, road condition and weather condition.

What I have observed, optimum speed for HCH is between 80 – 85 km/h because it has large weight (big body size). While for other lighter car, it can go up to 90km/h.

Don't be confuse, at optimum speed, HCH still using fuel but with a very small amount. Without fuel the car can't move forward. Special with HCH because it has wider of VTC which affect a little bit gear ratio changing although the fuel pedal is press more quicker. So you can control fuel usage for more stable and efficient compre to other car.



Q: In your explanation, what I still don’t get is where and when does the battery kick in to replace fuel? I know City has CVT but it doesn’t run 32km on 1 litre, so the battery of the hybrid has got to be helping with generating the torque (power). I believe at 80km/h, fuel intake is at its minimal because like you explained, AF=RF, and the battery is used to generate most of the torque (power). I am not a trained Honda engineer so I am just guessing based on my little engineering background.

One last question, my friend advised me NOT to buy hybrid because of its battery life, which he says is only about 3-5 yrs! Is that true? And I heard from the salesman the battery costs about RM12k, is that true? RM12k for 3-5 yrs is not economic. I am trying to go green here, but it must make good economic sense!

A: Main objective in achieved high FC is by reducing the engine CC. Large CC will consume large fuel usage but contribute large HP output. In HCH, it has built the engine at maximum of 1.3L. Actually, it is not a common 1.3L engine. It produce higher HP compared to other 1.3L. I have try drove the car without battery power and it can reach more than 180km/h.

But, small CC engine have less power of acceleration plus with big body size. CIVIC concept was it never being built underpowe. Thats the main reason, battery or IMA is integrating with the engine to supply addition power during acceleration. When IMA is activing, 1.3L is now same with 1.8L engine.

In easy way, the battery only kick in when computer detect HCH need more power to help 1.3L engine. But when you achieve optimum speed, the car only RUN on engine solely, while IMA turn its mode into micro charging. So at this time, battery was not helping engine anymore.

Like i said, HCH engine is such a great engine. It has been built with a lot of new technology such CVT, i-DSI, i-VTEC and VCM (Variable Cylinder Management). At optimum speed, City run with engine 1.5L while HCH run with 1.3L. That is one reason HCH produce higher FC. And, HCH can operate using 1, 2 or 4 cylinders while City maintain run using 4 cylinder everytime.

Plus HCH still can run using battery solely at 40-45km/h. Why at this speed? Because it is the optimum speed for IMA and also not to damage the IMA. It was a reasonable speed for traffic jamm condition.

About the battery, you can search in internet about first product of HCH which was 10 years ago. Still today, the battery can function well without any problem. Actually, the number that state HCH's battery have shell life 3, 5 and 10 years is probably about the warranty not the actual shell life.

You can search also about how the battery been make. It produced from metal-hydride which have longer shell life and calculated not less than 10 years of shell life. From information I get, when the battery is charging and using as normal, it still remain same as long as it being used.

Meaning that, you need to make sure that HCH function well, go for maintaining at the right time and drive using hybrid technique. If you keep drive HCH like normal car, it will reduce the engine and battery shell life.


Q: What I know that HCH have the ability to turn into "shutdown" mode when at traffic light. If you look at the normal car, the fuel usage more higher when engine start. Meaning that, it almost same with conventional car that doesn't have this ability because everytime it shut down (saving fuel) and tramendously use fuel when getting to re-start (wasting).

A: Good question and here I will explain. The main different between HCH and conventional car is there is a secondary power supply which is IMA. When the car going to re-start after shuting down, all pistons being move by using electrical power provide by IMA first.

Then when the engine have operate same cycle or enough to move, then fuel being injected as normal. Meaning that, HCH re-start using electric power then change to fuel. So, no over used of fuel during shutting down and restart activity.



Kripkorn Studios Under Attack

05 Jun 2010 - 06:51 pm

Since 1 June 2010, our Drupal and phpBB learning centre have been attacked by anonymous visitors. The attack was done using DDOS and some multiple request at the same time make our server load increase and shot up suddenly. Handling a lot of request from database make it slip down and need to be shut off all the connection.

KS will not be operate as usual since all database connection have been shutdown. Regarding of this attack, we would used Boost module to avoid of these attacking. I would like to implement Boost module tonight to solve this problem. Although Boost module only focus for anonymous, but KS would not receive high benefits from this module. This because KS need any people to register as a member first before they can read the whole article and tutorials.

After installed Boost module, I have make comparison between without and with this module. This comparison was done as anonymous views.

You can see the comparison data, that I focus on the first bytes received; boost module increase KS speed up to 71%. Terrafic! It almost triple of speed up. The full document load also taking lesser time. See at the repeat view, with Boost module HTTP request only 2 rather than 7. Reducing timing with boost module happen because a lot of step have been skip; processing PHP script, retrieving information from database.


Comparison with (watch out!)

Google, the famous site and the fastest site ever still can not challenge Boost. Let see whats happen when I compared KS with Google...

Look at the "First byte" column first. You can see that Kripkorn Studios sending the first bytes to the browser in 0.66 second compare to Google that need 2.146 second. Although Google fully load within 4.98 second compare to 14.897 second, but please consider size of document. KS total up built with 514 kb while Google only 75 kb. If we calculate the proportion, Google page was 7 times more smaller and if the size was same, probably Google take around 30+ second to fully load. Then, look at repeat views. Drupal embedding cache function make KS site load 1.03 second compare to Google that doesn't include any cache ability that need 2.267 second to load. Meaning that, Kripkorn Studios is much more faster than Google...

Drupal is the best CMS software that provide high end security to users and webmaster. I didn't afraid about the attack comes but it just make our site down and also bring down our reputation. Since November 2008, two weeks after KS introduced as the centre of learning and buid-your-self website, we receive a lot of jealousy and testing from script kiddies. But doesn't mean that I do not care what there are doing.

I will not say who is doing this although we are know in details. But just let them happy with unacceptable and un-professional skills. We still stand as we are.

Thank you for testing our site from being hacked.

Drupal: Boost, Really Boost My Blog

04 Jun 2010 - 10:28 pm

In my previously entry, I have talk about my blog performance with all details about time spending on downloading and load the whole blog. And also about the time start to rendering. My blog performance have been tested at New Zealand server which is quite far from the origin server. Before doing the testing, some tweaking have been done. Such as php flushing, reducing number of modules installed and highly caching of Javascript and CSS files.

Drupal basically have built-in the caching system in the core which will cache and aggregate multiple JS and CSS into one files. This will reduce the number of HTTP request and minimize the size for fast downloading. By set mode of cache into "normal" or "aggresive", my blog rendering increase in 30% more faster. With activated of GZip mode, I have save my bandwidth for about 30% more.

Although Drupal have ability to cache all page generated but it only effects the anonymous users. Site with a lot of registered members would back to normal performance once they log in. A blog site usually doesn't really need any guest to registered either to leave a comment or to read any entry, this ability really give benifits to my blog.

Although I have done a lot of tweaking, but it can not challenge HTML files because it is the fasters format to be load. Although PHP server will convert everthing it process into HTML format, it still taking some time. Any request from user will go through .htaccess file, then passes to Drupal PHP files, retrieved information from database, process it again and pass to webserver to provide HTML files to user. This journey taking about 1 to 1.5 second.

With Boost modules installed in my Drupal, at the end of process it will store the HTML files into cache folder. When the same request (meaning the same file) is send, this module will directly take HTML files in cache and send it to user. This process only consume about 0.5 sec. Believe it or not, the different is about 1 to 1.5 second. I suggested any blog out there that using Drupal as your main system of blogging, used this module. It's really easy to setup.

Job As Freelancers Internet Writing

31 May 2010 - 06:08 pm

Everybody were well known that I as co-founder of Kripkorn Studios. Every day and every time there maybe a lot of new issues posted at KS forum. Everyday I always thinking about what need to be write in that site. What I would like to serve next week, next month and next year? Handling a free tutorial learning center in web development using Drupal and phpBB is not easy as you just writing a blog.

It consume preparation, planning, ideas and maybe I need to draw a Gantt chart. Because all the articles and tutorials that I written were full with facts and truth. Everything I need to recheck and redo by myself before I posted to public. Considering a lot of issues; user understanding, background knowledge, easy to read and presented with high quality writing skills; one article consume about one or two days to be write. Why its taking a long time? Because I want the "Quality" not "Quantity".

Image iconarticles.jpg

If you visit my center learning site (Drupal Note), there is a target that I want to archieve which is 1000 tutorials served. But I never mentions when it will fulfill. The reason is I also don't know. As a freelancers, this job is not easy. Nobody pay me to do this, but everybody push up to get new articles and learning something new everyday.

This job not same as blogging although it same in other ways. Writing a blog much more open. Everything you can put there. Write even though about your activities everyday; what you doing today, will it do again tomorrow, are feel happy or not. Handling learning center need more than that. I need to write down all main point need about one article first. Then sort it according to priority. After that write in sites. Get the feedback from user. Try to understand and read for myself again what have been written.

I didn't say that writing a blog just write what ever they want. Some blog provide good information and point. But not so much. A lot of blog I read through provide similar point and also just cut-and-paste from other blogs. Maybe they need to gain in traffic activities. But the truth is, its content. Once you provide a very good quality of contents, you will never lost your traffic even though no SEO technique applied. People will stick with you site because they know you provide a good knowledge and focus at the topics.

Parasolx's Junior

16 May 2010 - 11:12 pm

Hey boy, welcome to the world. This is my junior. He's name is Adam Danish. He was born on 5 April 2010. Parasolx have become daddy today.

Adam, say hello again...

And see Danish's action after one month he came out...

adam danish selepas sebulan

adam danish selepas sebulan

adam danish selepas sebulan