Hello world,

After being a year and today time have called me to generally up my blog in a live server. Day by day it keep me think about this. And finally on 15 Mei 2010, parasolx own his blog called "i'm parasolx".

Why not use free services blogging system such as Blogger or Wordpress? One reason, because I'm Drupalist. I wanna to show how strong and simple Drupal can be transform as a blogging system and expand all its function from blog to a very complex site. My blog used Drupal 6 version as the engine and below are specification modules of my blog:

  • Global redirects -- to direct any duplicates URL to active alias used on
  • Google analytics -- provide tracking monitoring for my blog
  • Image -- manage all image and photos
  • Image assist -- provide assistance on image/photos uploading and inlining
  • Lightbox2 -- handling previewing original image
  • Page title -- handling page title pattern for all content
  • Pathauto -- expanding current Path core module
  • Token -- provide a sistematic and aliasing string
  • Vertical tabs -- manage submission and admin viewing
  • Views -- this hot modules and must HAVE.


Designing layout of my blog taking about one day. Yea, frankly speaking I take about 4 hours to come with this concept and design to meet Web 2.0 design. This is new, fresh and starting from stretch. I'm not altering any available template but make it a new one. This template was name as "Parasolx" and it have been registered under my name.

Hrm, this blog contain a lot of story about my live, about my carrier and anything that think it should be share with community. And the story is starting now. Keep reading and welcome to blog.