Project d.Note

Project D.Note is a new idea from successor  of Kripkorn Studios. It is a revamping project that focus on new objective and target.

Not like previous KS site, project d.Note now will serve more tutorials, notes and guidelines for Drupal development, designing and consultations. It is solely own under Hadafi Solution & Resources company.

As for maintenance planning to keep this project running in subsequence five years, I will introduce premium content which only can be read by valid subscribers. Subscriptions may undergoes annually.

Currently we are working in organising for managing current content to make it ease for learning process. Meanwhile pushing all non-Drupal related articles to be put under Archive categories which can be access freely by readers.

Working on designing theme, it already take about four months to come out with fresh and simplified design. The more important is to introduce new learning guidance that can help readers to understand and learn about Drupal more clearly. Previous project already set a benchmark that we hope the same in this project.

As for now, we are targeted project d.Note can be go live in around May 2015. But its all depend on time consuming and resources availability. This project right now touched 65% development progress. We might undergoes various and lots of testing before totally released into live server.