The next future motion leap in space environment

We already seen an advanced technology used by Samsung TV and motion capture product by Xbox Kinect which are already come into production line. If you still remember Minority Report where Tom Cruise and their team using a space motion environment controlling all computer command, actually that is not a funny or just an imagination.

That concept actually was already introduce in real life on 2010. Technology would able to detect and define hand gesture and motion through 3D camera place in a certain space environment. This is a leap to a better technology include with advanced user interface to be display.

If you could spend about 15 minutes, and I highly recommended you do so, this video actually was uploaded on 1 Jun 2010. As John Underkoffler expected, this techonology could be buy within 5 years later, so we will wait and see does it really happen in 2015 (2 years more). Enjoy it.