The making of Drupal syllabus

the making of drupal syllabus

Almost three years I have been conducted various Drupal training classes for government and private agencies, without a proper and conprehensive syllabus on how to use Drupal in the efficient and easy to understand.

The major problem about Drupal is it not easy to make people with zero knowledge in web development understand the concept through tutorial class. Most of people think Drupal will do out of the box in just a single click.

All this time, I already revising almost five times what I just call a "guideline". Yet it still can not consider as "Drupal Syllabus".

meditation spa musics

As a preparation for my mind, I already bought an album call "Meditation Spa", special music arragement for mind theraphy. This album cost me about $70 (~RM210). Some people may thought it expensive but for me it really worth each of cents.