It has been a while

Last time I updating my blog was somewhere in May. And today it's already reach in July which almost 2 month without new post. Time is very consume when we needed it. And thats happen to me. Lately I was too busy finished one of my product that already turn in beta phase. That product was name as "Project Management System", which responsible to take over manual process to manage any project, task assigning, bugs management and reporting.

Thanks God that this product smoothly run on low server specification. The objective of this product just to provide high quality yet cheap project management system without need to spend a lot of money and environment to run it. That's is the main reason this product was tested for alpha version on shared hosting with very minimal specification. If there is no critical bugs and any continous fixed need to be done, release candidate version should be appear in December this year.

Besides, I also received three task jobs which consist of one development system and two web development. Both of this task is powered by Drupal. Hoyeah! Drupal rocks. Actually in Malaysia its still in very slow of awareness about Drupal. Most of people knowing Wordpress and Joomla!. As usually because it is easy to learn, used and built. However, lately I manage to receive callers, not to said a lot but quite impressive, from private and government sector regarding for revamping their website.

What so surprise, they are contacting me because to switch into Drupal. I don't know what the main reason but most of callers said they really interested in using Drupal as a new platform. Some of them get quite frustrated with the current CMS system which lack in hard to maintain.

Hopefully Drupal, one day, in Malaysia will powered more portal and website which actually growth really fast in outside country.

ps: this post was written using MacBook Air.. oh man, really? yes!