Fixed problem with loop infinite Redirect module

Combine two powerful module, PathAuto and Redirects in Drupal 7 preventing from error of "Page not found" when any changes done for content title. This is one step on how to make Drupal really powerful in handling SEO method.

PathAuto responsible in creating human readable for URL creation instead of default Drupal path "node/*" pattern based on token replacement. While Redirects functioning to create an URL alias and redirect to new path when there is a changes in old alias.

However the big problem of infinite loop may occur if old alias being used again in same content. This might cause content not able to be access by user or generate fatal error because Redirects keep loop redirect at the same content.

I already patched from development version Redirects which fixed these problem. This patched search any duplicate redirect alias, delete it and return HTTP code instead 301 into 202.

Kindly to download it below since today (5 Sept 2014), there is no latest stable version release.