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Peugeot 408T: Third maintenance service point

19 Jun 2013 - 11:51 am

Schedule: Third service maintenance
Place: Peugeot Service Centre, Glenmarie Shah Alam
Duration: Around 5 hours
Cost: RM 325.50 (RM 113.40 - 10% Discount with Privilage Card)
Total cost: RM 438.90
Mileage: 16,226km
Next service: 30,000km

Task being carried out:

Replace Engine Oil (4L) Petronas Syntium 3000API (5W/30) RM 221.00
Replace Engine Oil (1L) Petronas Syntium 3000API (5W/30) RM 59.50
Replace Oil Filter RM 44.30
Drain Plug RM 3.70
Total RM 325.50

Peugeot Service Centre really passionate with their schedule for maintenance service. So you have to make sure to make a booking first and NEVER EVER comes as walk-in. If you lucky, then maybe they can accept your car. If not you have to make another booking next time. Why these happen because when we make booking in advance, they will assign one technician to conduct all service maintenance based on time slot. So if wal-in customer they have to dare to wait for slot to be empty and take it.

Last time I complaint regarding a cracking sound at driver door when open it. Last time service maintenance they told me that it was a door stopper problem that need to be replaced and need to be order. As it was just a minor problem, so I decide just make an order and replaced it during this maintenance service. One more thing that, this car comes from Europe country which is right-side handed. Eventhough it can be switch from right to left, some parts won't especially wipers. There are two different length of wipers as design which the long one should be on driver side while the shorter one at passenger side.

However, this was not switch to our region. Don't ask me why because I also didn't know. During heavy rain it quite difficult for me to drive because the longer one comes down late that cause water splash to driver side. But my request to switch the wiper from left to right and vice versa was rejected by Peugeot as they told me it will touch car body. At last, I have to admit this minor "weakness" instead the whole package offered by Pug408T. For next service point, the SA told me total cost is same with this time which need me to spend another RM 400+ in 6 month later.

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